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LivePerson Institute:
Your key to Conversational Commerce expertise

LivePerson Institute offers in-depth training and certification courses for professionals who manage messaging programs on Conversational Cloud,
LivePerson's AI-powered conversational platform.

  • Learn from recognized experts and practitioners

  • Gain knowledge and skills that you can apply immediately

  • Join a network of experts from the world's most innovative brands

LivePerson Institute offers a comprehensive curriculum to help you develop expertise in AI-powered conversational commerce and messaging.

Certified Professional

Conversational NLU Expert

Intents are the foundation of Conversational AI and a necessary component of an automated messaging program. LivePerson provides powerful tools to help you create a robust inten...

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Certified Professional

Conversational Operations

Conversational Operations builds a sound understanding of core KPIs and what great looks like for asynchronous messaging and getting the most out of conversational AI. Built by ...

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Certified Professional

LivePerson Messaging Foundation

The LivePerson Messaging Foundation course is designed to allow participants to gain the understanding, knowledge and skills to be a successful part of the messaging project tea...

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Certified Specialist

Conversational Design

Conversational Design is about helping the consumer navigate the conversation. This course will give you the tools to evaluate and optimize the conversations in order to provide...

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Certified Specialist

Conversational Engineering

Conversational Engineering is about implementing real-world bots based on the engineering and orchestration of conversations to serve your consumers' goals. This hands-on, tec...

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Why become a LivePerson Certified Professional?

  • Develop expertise in high-growth disciplines: Conversational Commerce, AI, and conversational bots

  • Achieve industry-recognized certification

  • Improve your individual or team's performance with LivePerson's Conversational Cloud

How will it benefit your company’s performance?

  • Increase customer satisfaction and improve the results of your messaging program

  • Accelerate return on messaging investment

  • Drive innovation through expanded messaging and automation use cases

What our participants say

“LivePerson Institute brought to my team the knowledge, expertise and tools to optimize and scale the messaging programs in our company’s projects. Looking forward to attend the next course!”

Maria Smith
Project Coordinator

"LivePerson certification really helped me to gain perspective in our messaging programme. It gave me loads of ideas that I can't wait to implement".

Ian Gulliford
WebChat Optimisation Manager

"Excellent training course. Right pace, right level"

Chris M
Analyst/Developer, Sheffield

"Overall great course, for an introduction to the Conversational Cloud and LivePerson users"

Tabassum Mulla
Project Manager

The pace and knowledge was good. Paul was very helpful in answering our questions and asked us questions and structured our thinking

Esther Ajayi
Project Manager

"Really enjoyed it & was very useful. I hope there is further training similar to this :-)"

Laura Burns
Project Manager

The world's most innovative brands use LivePerson to power conversational commerce