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  • Get familiar with the messaging mindset
  • Apply messaging processes to real-world examples
  • Understand the tools and processes that make messaging a success for your business

Your course instructor

Tim Marshall

Tim is a learning and development specialist with over 17 years experience. In his many roles, he has implemented a wide range of learning, training and e-learning, undertaking all elements of the training lifecycle and managing projects of varying sizes.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

    • Messaging mindset
    • How does messaging fit in with the the world of conversational business and digital engagement
    • Messaging success management
    • Tools and knowledge management
    • Roles, responsibilities and messaging performance
    • Optimization, optimization tools and the LivePerson 4E and AIR frameworks
    • Certification exercises and quiz to validate participants’ knowledge


  • There are no prerequisite courses for attending the foundation course
  • You are familiar with or part of the team that looks after the success of the LiveEngage program
“LivePerson Institute brought to my team the knowledge, expertise and tools to optimize and scale the messaging programs in our company’s projects. Looking forward to attend the next course!”

Upcoming Courses

  • LivePerson UK Ltd (Instructor led-Remote)
    16-18 November 2020

Course Duration: 3 days

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