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  • Build high-quality bots by applying the Best Practices shared by our Experts
  • Design and develop integrations with APIs, 3rd party systems, and Knowledge Bases
  • Discover the the NLU life cycle and the Conversational Design process to enrich your expertise
  • Learn how to build bots that collaborate with human agents for the best consumer experience

Your course mentor

Francesco Palma

As a consultant and educator, Francesco is responsible for the success of enterprise brands when adopting and applying Conversational AI at scale. Francesco's knowledge and passion focus on Product Development and Natural Language Processing.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

    • Apply Conversational Engineering methods to develop Conversational Bots at scale
    • Implement Conversational applications using FaaS and Conversation Orchestrator
    • Contribute to the management of the NLU life cycle


  • You know how to apply the fundamentals of coding with JavaScript and Node.js
  • You know what a REST API is, how to call it programmatically, and process the response
  • You are familiar with the software development life cycle
  • You are familiar with authentication methods like OAuth
"Thanks to this course, I can now develop bots and integrate them with my company's APIs at scale to bring value to our customers. I also work with Conversation Designers and Bot Analysts to bring new automations to life. It's like a dream job!"

This course is self-paced
Course Duration: 40 hours of learner interaction

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